It takes less money than you would think to start a Hong Kong business. You might not be able to start a global empire without a lot of money, but there are still choices. Here are 10 Hong Kong businesses you can start with little capital. All of them are great ideas for entrepreneurs without deep pockets.

#1 Coaching

Do you have a passion and desire, and want to inspire those around you? If you love to be an inspiration to people then you should consider career coaching to make a difference and make some money doing what you love best. Career coaching allows you to work with clients from every background move to where they want to be; whether it’s their first job or a dream job they’ve had their eye on while working somewhere else. Help your clients improve their resume, prep for interviews, and realize their passions.

#2 Online Retailing

There’s no need to start an online store with a lot of stock. With a little money, some e-commerce software, and the right website, you can get started as an online seller. Sell to people directly or use a drop-shipping service to supply customers with what they need. If you’re a handy person, then you can even sell homemade products through websites such as Etsy.

#3 Event Planning

If you love organizing meetings and throwing parties, then being an event planner could be for you. Event planners help corporations and individuals throw successful events. It takes a keen eye, and the patience to deal with the demands of clients, but you can be a successful event planner as long as you can deal with the unexpected and handle stress.

#4 Home Catering

If you’re passionate about cooking then why not start your own catering business or bakery from home? Make treats for individuals, events, and local businesses. This is a great way to make money from your passion and really push yourself as a culinary artist. Just be warned that there are a lot of regulations involved with making and selling food from your home kitchen, so do a little research and get all the permits you need.

#5 Errand Services

Modern life is hectic and demanding. So much so, in fact, that running errands for people has become a legitimate career opportunity. With a car and a cell phone you can get work picking up dry cleaning, doing the shopping, and other such related tasks for people. Start out small and work hard to get your clients to spread the word for you, saving money on marketing.

#6 Computer Repair

If you’ve got a tech background then you can start your own computer maintenance business. Everyone has some form of technology today, so there’s plenty of money to be made in installing software, removing viruses, cleaning desktops, downloading a software and connecting devices such as printers.

#7 Virtual Assistant

Anyone with some background in administrative work who wants to go into business for themselves can be a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant does everything a regular assistant does (opening and answering emails, invoicing customers, paying bills, etc) but they do it remotely. You can do all of this and more from home, on your own computer, and get paid for it.