Cross-border payments have always been a challenge for small business owners and SME managers. Traditional payment methods, such as wire transfers and bank transfers, have been the norm for many years, but with the development of fintech, there are now many new ways to transfer money internationally.

As a global payments and financial platform for modern businesses, Airwallex offers a comprehensive suite of financial services to help businesses manage their international transactions and achieve their global ambitions. Whether you’re a new business owner in need of a bank account after company incorporation or an established SME owner looking for a better way to manage your finances, Airwallex has you covered.

#1 Collect and Send Money Faster and Easier

As a business owner expanding beyond the local markets, the Airwallex solution allows businesses to collect and send money to over 130 countries in more than 50 currencies. Multiple payment options, including local bank transfers, SWIFT transfers, and card payments, are available to you in clicks, making it easy to manage payments in one place. Not to mention, the platform’s transparent fees and real-time exchange rates provide better visibility and cost control for businesses, ultimately resulting in cost savings.

#2 Access Market-Leading Exchange Rates

Airwallex provides market-leading exchange rates for businesses that require a high volume of international transactions. These rates help businesses reduce the cost of international payments and improve their profit margins.

#3 Travel with Ease and Pay Like a Local

Managing payments across different countries and currencies can be a challenge when traveling for business. Airwallex’s multi-currency card simplifies this process by allowing businesses to pay in over 10 currencies. This simplifies expense management and makes it easy to stay on top of their finances while on the go.

Airwallex is trusted by companies around the world to manage their financial needs, thanks to its fast, secure, and affordable payment solutions. By connecting entrepreneurs, business builders, makers, and creators with global opportunities, Airwallex is empowering businesses to grow without borders.

If you’re an overseas SME looking to expand your business into Hong Kong, sign up for Airwallex and simplify your cross-border payment processes. Sign up now to get HK$100k FX fees waived!