About Us

For top-notch and quality consulting services that are guaranteed world class, Corporate Hub Hong Kong is the premiere name that you can trust to deliver you the fine and reliable company formation, company secretary, accounting, tax and advisory services that suit the needs and budget of every company.

Corporate Hub Hong Kong takes great pride in our extensively experienced team of professionals who have long years of working experience in various multinational firms that value the highest quality of services to all the clients.

Our professionals have previously worked in a wide range of well-known commercial firms and professional firms so you can be guaranteed that we will always understand all your needs and work our very best to cater all your requirements and serve you in the finest way that you deserve.

We act as your reliable Virtual Finance Manager. Our main goal is to offer you with excellent professional services in the most affordable prices. Your happiness and satisfaction as our client is our number one objective. Being our client, you can be sure that you will always be our top priority, together with the success of your own company.

Our Mission

The Hong Kong market has so much more to offer to all businesses and if you want your company to grow and thrive in one of the best places in the world for startups, Corporate Hub Hong Kong is here to guide you through every step of the way and ensure a level of success like no other!

Corporate Hub Hong Kong promotes integrity and excellence in the rather competitive market of management consultancy. We have gathered a team of professionals that administers the best services for all companies of all sizes, specifically every startup in Hong Kong that would like to leverage their business and take it to greater heights on a global scale.

Corporate Hub Hong Kong and its team are an advocate of quality services that tear down any boundaries that keep startups from achieving their fullest potential. It is our mission to advance this profession and deliver the benefits of our efforts to our client community.

Why Choose Corporate Hub Hong Kong?

Our full commitment and genuine dedication in what we do is what sets us apart from the rest of consultancy services that you can find today.


We serve as a reliable one-stop consultancy firm to every business in Hong Kong. We have the full knowledge on how the process works, the requirements that need to be completed and everything that has to be done.

Superior Quality

We pride on our high quality of service that we offer to all our clients through smart, realistic and strategic solutions. We help you come up with the right decisions and guide you towards your success.

Dependable and Honest

Our team puts honesty on a pedestal and our transparency is one of our qualities that we capitalize on. We provide every necessary information and lay it down in front of our clients so that they will have a glimpse of what we have to offer before they engage our services. We also do not give false hopes and instead, we provide realistic solutions that are achievable at all costs.

Competitive Rates

We give value for every money that you spend on our services. We have reasonable fees that come with the excellent level of work that you deserve.

Setting up a business in Hong Kong has never been so easy.