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We are very happy work with your company and you did excellent job
Thank you

Natoral Limited

Thanks to CoporateHub our IRD audit went smooth and successful. Thanks a lot! 


Very satisfied about CorporateHub.HK services.

Fred and Winson are very professional and very helpful, all the followup and communication was very smooth and efficient.

Thank you again !!

Nadia Ktari

I used your services to deregister my company and everything went perfect from the beginning to the end – and the pricing was correct.

Thank you again (especially M. Fred Lam)!

I will recommend you to my friends if they need some help in Hong Kong.



Jonathan Theng

Thanks Corporate Hub for your swift action on helping with all government documents and ensuring that the process was made as smooth as possible.

A Lee

From start to finish Fred has helped us. The whole process has been smooth and problem-free. They are highly recommended. You can work with them without any hesitation.

Ozgur Suyel

Tureng Limited

Winson and Corporate Hub did an excellent job for us, despite our side being very unresponsive due to a busy season. They are patient and exhaustive, highly recommended!


Maximiliano Goldschwartz

Excellent services, the best.
Excelente servicios.



Very good service! Very professional in handling all the matters.

Cardisa Yeung

Thank you for you excellent Service. Working with Fred and the team was always fast and clear.

We used the service for company Registration / Deregistration.

Thanks again. 



Huge thank you to Fred and all at Corporate Hub for helping us de-register our Hong Kong business. Fred has been brilliant at communication throughout, his fees are very reasonable and the process has been clear. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others. Many thanks!

Alice Lees

Corporate Hub gave us step-by-step guidance on company deregistration, we are sending our appreciation for your great support during the past time. Wish the success and sustainability always for Corporate Hub.
Emmanuelle Jones

Jasmine Warrior Limited

After a business of mine didn’t work out, I continued to have the responsibility of maintaining a company in Hong Kong. It was still a bit premature to decide to de-register the company at that time, because of the possibility of pivoting to a new strategy. On the other hand, the agency I was with were charging high and unexpected fees for company maintenance, even just to comply with new regulations or de-register altogether. At that point, I decided to bite the bullet and move across to Corporate Hub. That was a great decision, because they have been so helpful, transparent and reassuring, removing much of the pain from the process and with no hidden fees. Whether you need to incorporate or de-register a company in Hong Kong, I highly recommend working with Corporate Hub.

Fred and the team at Corporate Hub were exceptional in assisting us navigate launching in the Hong Kong market. Always going over and above in every aspect I highly recommend the team for assisting anyones business.

Joshua Goulding

Equipping Limited

Fast, friendly and professional service. Highly recommended!


Behobe Tech Limited

10/10 Service and Ease!

I have compared prices, service quality, experiences from other business owners and Corporate Hub really is the clear pick here.

We were able to register Hong Kong companies with no issues at all all over email and picked up our company kits in Hong Kong directly from the professional agents who expertly stored and delivered them to us.

Furthermore, and this is the key – their business bank interview prep service goes above and beyond. Most agents will just book an appointment for you but Corporate Hub’s documentation advice and hand-holding consultation helped us navigate the best responses to emails, calls and interview questions and is what made opening two business banks possible as a foreigner originally from the States.

With their guidance we were able to prepare a fully complete business proof that established and backed up with evidence our candidacy for business bank opening at HSBC. It is very clear by how extensive and demanding the bank requirements are that in order to have made this successful that we needed Corporate Hub’s definite experience and practical wisdom. Their guidance ensure and assured us we had the best chance at successfully preparing for and completing the thorough interviews and follow up document submissions. Without them, this would have been nearly impossible to guess at exactly how to format the paperwork for the bank’s approval. They took the stress out of this process by clearing away the unknown elements.

End Result: Two successful custom named companies and two legitimate business bank accounts on two separate occasions (my Father referred me to Corporate Hub and I followed his advice to work with them).

Absolutely recommend – always responsive and helpful through and through.

If you want results – go with Corporate Hub Hong Kong.

My thanks and cheers for reading,

Richard Jau-Shien

Richard Jau-Shien

Dealt with Mr. Lam to dissolve a company. It was pleasure experience. Had no problem what so ever.

Naveen Babu

Thanks for good work on company deregistration. I recommend as a reliable partner!


Ground Search Technologies Limited

Nice service. Dissolved the company without any issue.
Massoud Ghafuri

Very professional and thorough help with our Audit. It was our first time filing for tax for our startup company and Fred and his team were extremely patient and thorough throughout the audit process. They also helped explain key things that we need to do for our next years audit and provided great detailed feedback and support.

We were very pleased with everything and they also provided a very reasonable price. Looking forward to working with them again.

Addison Best

LeadSlide Limited

I previously used other companies in Hong Kong to handle my accounts and company secretarial services, and had started to believe that bad service was the norm in Hong Kong. Switching to Corporate Hub was a breath of fresh air! Everything was clearly explained to me and work was carried out on time and in a professional and friendly manner. I would happily recommend Corporate Hub’s services to anyone doing business in Hong Kong.

G. Shimmin

SD Global Limited

Corporate Hub has been extremely efficient with helping me set up my company in Hong Kong. Their correspondences are clear and timely and their services provide you with organized business documents soon after you request them. After registration, they continue to be attentive and knowledgeable with any questions I have. Overall, a very reasonable price for amazing services and staff that go above and beyond expectations.


Very good support and coordination. Really appreciating you. Thanks for your kind and hearty cooperation for the bank account opening.


We change our bookkeeper to Corporate Hub because they have been very sincere with me since the last service and they have been doing a good job.


I needed to close down my company and asked Corporate Hub for help. They have done an excellent job and their rate is low! Once you sign the forms they prepared for you, you just need to wait for their update which is always prompt. My company was closed down without any hassles.


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