Virtual Secretary

Our virtual secretary allows you to operate your business in Hong Kong without the need for you to hire staff.

Have issues with booking flights, researching, replying emails or scheduling? Outsource your secretarial needs to us! With our virtual secretary, you don’t have to worry about such issues. What you only need to do is to sit and relax and focus on other business core activities that would boost your company in no time!

So, why pay for a staff or full-time secretary if you do not require one? The main goal of Corporate Hub Hong Kong is to help you get started with your business in Hong Kong at the soonest date and for you to do that, we have solutions that are guaranteed and designed to give you what you need to achieve success.

What makes our virtual secretary solutions different is that you will get what you deserve. We know how tough it is to start a business, especially in a foreign culture. As a company known for our consulting and accounting services, we have what it takes to be one of the best providers of your virtual secretarial needs! Don’t hesitate to contact us now and let our virtual secretary do the job for you!