Hong Kong Staff Hiring Facts

  • Statutory minimum wage: HKD34.5 per hour (around USD4.50 per hour) (updated as of 1 May 2017)
  • MPF (Hong Kong retirement fund): 5% of the employee’s relevant income (capped at HKD1,500) (updated as of 1 June 2014)
  • Minimum paid annual leave days: 7 to 14 days (subject to the employees’ length of services)
  • Maximum paid sick leave days: 120 days
  • Maternity leave: 10 weeks
  • Paternity leave: 5 days (updated as of 18 January 2019)
  • Employees’ compensation insurance: Mandatory
  • Medical insurance/cash allowance: Not mandatory
  • Life insurance: Not mandatory
  • Standard working hours: No (under discussion at the moment)

Our Payroll Solutions

Whether your business is a new start-up or an established company, our payroll outsourcing team can offer you tailored solutions to help you manage your business, meet both statutory or internal deadlines, let you concentrate on your business core aspects, ensure the confidentiality of your information, and use of resources for your core business functions. Our payroll processing solutions include:

  • salaries calculation and payment
  • MPF (retirement fund in Hong Kong) maintenance
  • hiring and termination advice
  • statutory filing of staff returns (BIR56A, IR56B, IR56E, IR56F, IR56G, etc)

Choosing our payroll processing solutions can add more flexibility and control to your business. If you don’t want to experience any issues just because you forgot about payroll processing, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Corporate Hub Hong Kong can offer you tons of benefits. With our payroll processing solutions, you will be able to:

  • Focus more on managing your people, which are the most valuable asset of your business. Through our payroll processing solutions, we will help you control your overall labor costs, manage talents with ease, and reduce compliance risk.
  • Spend less time with paperwork and some repetitive tasks. With this, you will have more time to support the strategic objectives of your company. Outsourcing your payroll process can also help you save administrative time, costs, and minimize errors.
  • Get payroll right without worrying about anything.

If you want to be one of our happy and satisfied clients, feel free to contact us!