Price List

 Price (HK$)
A. Company Formation Services
Company name searchFree
Service fee of company formation2000
Certificate of Incorporation (government fee)1720
Business Registration Certificate for 1 year (HK$2,250 government fee)2250
Business Registration Certificate for 1 year (HK$250 government fee)250
Green box (including a share certificate book, company chops and a statutory book)800
Nominee company secretary service for 1 year1500
Registered office address for 1 year1500
Bank account opening assistance service (for one bank only)3000
Annual return submission in next year (including government fee)905
Mail forwarding for 1 year800
Mail scanning and forwarding for 1 year (for 60 mails a year)1600
Speedy formation services1000
B. Company Renewal Services
Nominee company secretary service for 1 year (simple shareholding structure only)2000
Registered office address for 1 year1500
Business Registration Certificate for 1 year (including HK$2,250 government fee)2500
Business Registration Certificate for 1 year (including HK$250 government fee)500
Annual return submission (including HKD105 government fee)905
C. Company Secretarial Services
Change of the details of directors800
Change of the company name (including government fee)900
Change of shareholders (excluding stamp duties)2000
Addition of shareholders / allotment of shares1800 up
Mail forwarding services above 90 mails for each mail20
Mail scanning service for each page15
Apostille services for each document1000
Preparation of written resolutions800
Preparation of AGM minutes800
Deregistration of companies (including government fees)2800
Nominee directorsQuotation
Nominee shareholdersQuotation
Set up of unlimited businesses1200
Dormant company application1500
Appointment/resignation of directors (each)800
Appointment/resignation of company secretaries (each)800
Change of the registered address800
Company search fee (including government fees) (standard)150
Business registration search fee (including government fees) (standard)150
Transfer out of the company statutory record1500
D. Accounting and Taxation Services
Annual bookkeeping and accounting 
1 – 59 transactions2000
60 – 119 transactions4000
120 – 259 transactions6000
260 – 359 transactions8000
360 – 459 transactions10000
460 – 599 transactions12000
600 or above transactionsQuotation
Weekly/monthly/quarterly bookkeeping and accountingQuotation
Auditing and submission of profits tax returnsQuotation
Unlimited businesses bookkeeping and tax returns filingsQuotation
Submission of employer’s return BIR56A and IR56B (each)1000
Tax efficiency/savings adviceQuotation
Field auditQuotation
Advance rulingsQuotation
Reply to IRD’s enquiry lettersQuotation
E. Visa Application Services
Work visa (excluding government fees)8000
Investment visa (excluding government fees)20000
Mainland citizens work visa (excluding government fees)10000
Dependent visa (excluding government fees)2000
All our services exclude the courier/mail charges to your address.
Payment Method
You can settle our service fees (including government fees) by local bank HKD cheque, or bank transfer to our HKD / USD bank account.
Kindly note that all bank charges and handling fees are to be borne by the clients.
Alternatively, you can settle our service fees by Paypal in HKD. A 5% Paypal surcharge will be added in the total invoice amount.
Refund Policy
No refund is allowed for our services.