Trying to decide on your Hong Kong company name? For startups in Hong Kong it can be difficult to decide just what to name your company. Here are five tips which will make it easier for you to decide on the best name for your company.

#1 Keep it Simple

One thing you need to do when focusing on a company name for startups is to keep the name simple. You don’t want a complex name as this makes the name hard to remember. If the name is simple it will be remembered by people which is what you want. You don’t want the name to be too long and hard to remember as this won’t stick with people that well. Think of famous names which are all very simple like Microsoft, Apple, Ford or Sasa. These names are simple to remember.

#2 Highlight Your Brand

The company name should highlight your brand somehow. It needs to tell people a bit about your company so they can recognize you. Startups need to focus on words which will help people remember the brand and recognize it. If there’s a word that you can use which will help with brand recognition then use that name. For example if you sell sheet metal, it would be a good idea to have the words “sheet metal” in the name if possible. One example might be “Xings Sheet Metal Products,” or something around those lines.

#3 Real Words

Try not to make up words when you create a company name in Hong Kong. If you just make up names this will confuse people and they won’t have as much brand recognition with your company. A name that isn’t real will just confuse people. You may have a real fancy made up name, but this isn’t ideal when creating a company name. Try to stick with real words that people will recognize. Make a list of potential words you can use and then narrow down your choices and pick the ones that work the best for your company.

#4 Test It

Try testing the name before you decide on it. Try the name on logos, company website and see what it looks like. You may decide that it doesn’t quite fit and you’ll want to try something else. If you don’t test the name you won’t have a good idea of how the name is going to perform once it foes live in Hong Kong.

#5 Make it Ready for Mobile

You want a name that’s going to work well with mobile devices so a short name is ideal if possible. People use their devices frequently to shop for services and products so you’re missing out on potential sales if your brand name is not mobile friendly.

These are some tips for creating a great company name in Hong Kong. Startups should take the time and create a name for their new company that’s going to work for them and the marketplace too. The more time you take with your decision the better off you’re going to be.